The Greyhound Fun-Raiser is coming October 13th!


FUN-Raiser Kick-off Pep Rally - Monday October 3rd, hosted by our in-house DJ, DJ B-Rock!


The GMPTA's FUN-Raiser for the 2016-17 school year kicks off on Monday, October 3rd!  The FUN-Raiser is an obstacle course style event, which will take place during the student's specials period on Thursday, October 13th.  Students will crawl, climb, race, and jump their way towards raising funds for our school.  


Students can ask friends, family and neighbors to make a donation.  BEE on the lookout for classroom incentives, as well as individual incentives.  


This year 100% of total funds collected through the FUN-Raiser will go directly to Garrison Mill Elementary curriculum enhancements, professional development, and a variety of school enrichment programs. This will be the PTA's only fundraising event for the year, so PLEASE consider donating.


We have just 9 days to raise $35,000 to fund our school's programs for the school year, and if every student raises $50 we'll meet our goal!  


Here's how you can participate:


Student FUN-Raising goals

**Collect & turn in $50 in donations to Garrison Mill by October 5th and receive entry to the special Bahama Buck's Party during the school day!


**Turn in at least $100 in donations on October 14 (not including earlier donations), and have the chance to enter the cash machine during lunch the week of the FUN-Raiser Obstacle Course


Other ways to participate - that count towards individual & classroom goals:

**Classroom FUN-Raising challenge!  Each classroom has a specified goal, once met, the class receives a portion of the funds raised in CASH!


**Challenge a teacher or principal! Sponsor the principal, teacher, or any staff member for $5 per person and have them participate in the FUN-Raiser Obstacle Course. The collection date for this challenge is ONLY October 10. 



Upcoming Events


August 15th- FEAST registration deadline

August 22nd- 5th Grade Driftwood Parent meeting 8:15am or 6:30pm

September 15th- Bingo and Movie Night 6:30pm

Greyhound FUN-Raiser October 16th- October 27th, 2017