Garrison Mill Elementary School PTA

~Special Programs 2016-2017~


Arts in Education: Cultural Arts

The Cultural Arts Committee coordinates PTA-financed cultural arts activities for the academic year. Volunteers work to coordinate two or three cultural art experiences for each grade level throughout the year. In 2016, the Garrison Mill students enjoyed Storyteller Joanna Maddox as Bessie Coleman, and performing artist Dave Holland's fun-filled, percussion-loaded learning extravaganza "Drumming Up the Stories".

Café GM

Cafe GM is a recognition program used to recognize good behavior in the cafeteria. Classes that show exemplary behavior during the lunch period are rewarded on a monthly basis with “popcorn day”.  


Community Outreach: Holiday Giving Tree

The Garrison Mill Holiday Star Giving Tree Drive is a yearly service program with a holiday theme. Each November, Garrison Mill students are able to select a star with an assigned value from the Star Giving Tree located in our school lobby. Our students, with parent permission, select a star with a specific value, and return the star attached to a wrapped gift. The Giving Tree benefits our sister schools, Milford Elementary and Ray Thomas Preschool, as well as students and families in the Lassiter district.

Diversity: International Night
Every January, Garrison Mill celebrates our diverse students and rich community. It is very important to show our children that we can have different backgrounds and still peacefully coexist. Traditionally, International Night is tied to the Garrison Mill Counseling Staff’s yearly No Place For Hate initiative. International Night 2016 featured 22 different countries, and students and their families were invited to “visit” each country and check out flags, coins, maps, books, traditional decorations, currency and even try a sample of food or drink.

Staff Appreciation
Appreciation week during the Spring is a coordinated effort among several groups within the school, with a designated theme for each day.  Garrison Mill pulls out all the stops when recognizing the fantastic faculty and staff that make our school a wonderful place!

Wee Deliver

Wee Deliver is Garrison Mill’s exclusive in-house postal system operated and managed by fourth and fifth-grade students. Each classroom is assigned a specific address that students, parents, family, teachers and staff can use to send each other letters. Write a letter to your child and drop in the mailbox INSIDE the school, and our Wee Deliver Staff of 4th & 5th grade students will sort and deliver the mail on a weekly basis.


The Yearbook Committee works to produce the school yearbook from a publisher’s kit, and also collaborates with the Room Parents to recruit volunteers to supply pictures throughout the school year.  This year, we will invite 5th grade students to be part of the Yearbook Staff.

5th Grade Committee

The 5th Grade Committee is made up of a group of dedicated 5th grade parents who volunteer to work together with the PTA & school staff to ensure that every graduating student has an extra special 5th grade experience during their last year at Garrison Mill.


Family Activity Nights: Bingo & Screen-on-the-Green

Our annual Screen-on-the-Green and Bingo family nights at Garrison Mill will return once again this year, both in the Fall and Spring!  

Exceptional Children's Week

Garrison Mill participates in Exceptional Children’s Week as a means to educate the public about children with exceptionalities and garner support for special education.


Field Day

Field Day is an event held over the course of 2 days in May. The day consists of fun outdoor activities such as team relays, collaboration games, and an obstacle course for all the students to participate in.

Health and Nutrition Week

Our Garrison Mill Health & Nutrition Committee works to ensure healthy opportunities are presented and available to all students.  The Committee plans various activities around Garrison Mill, including March’s Health & Wellness week, and also supports the PE Department’s “Walkfit” program and our school nurse’s efforts and initiatives.  

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week occurs in the Fall and the PTA works to promote a visible commitment to living a safe, healthy and drug-free life

School Dance

A fun-filled Winter Dance, traditionally held in January. 

Talent Show

A highly-anticipated event for 4th & 5th graders, annually in March at Mabry Middle School.


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